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History Teaching (Minor)

History Undergrad Minor MIN

Variable Credit Min


Variable Credit Max


Program Requirements

Licensure: This program meets the educational requirements designed to lead to an occupationally required professional license or certificate in the state of Utah. Students pursuing occupations requiring a license or certificate in a state other than Utah should contact the appropriate BYU academic advisement center as well as the licensing agency in the state where they intend to work to seek information and guidance regarding licensure and certification requirements.

This minor is designed to prepare students to teach in public schools. A teaching minor may only be received by students graduating with a teaching major. In order to graduate with this minor, students are required to complete Utah State Office of Education licensing requirements. To view these requirements go to or contact the Education Advisement Center, 350 MCKB, 801-422-3426.

The History Department requires a minimum of 6 hours of history credit to be taken in residency at BYU's Provo campus for this minor program. BYU Independent Study courses do not count toward residency. These hours may also go toward BYU's 30-hour residency requirement for graduation.

For students accepted into the major after December 16, 2019, grades below C in any required coursework in a teaching major or teaching minor will not be accepted. Teacher candidates must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or higher once admitted into the program and to qualify for student teaching. For additional details on admission and retention requirements for teaching majors and teaching minors, see Educator Preparation Program Requirements in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Requirement 1 — Complete 5 Courses

Core courses. NOTE: Minors must complete all core courses in history at the college level. University Core Civilization courses (201/202) offered by other departments are not equivalent. Advanced Placement U.S. history courses are not equivalent. Hist 220 and 221 must be completed as college/university courses and cannot be fulfilled with AP or other test scores.

course - World Civilization to 1500 3.0

course - World Civilization from 1500 3.0

course - U S Through 1877 3.0

course - U S Since 1877 3.0

course - Utah 3.0

Requirement 2 — Complete 1 Course

course - Historian's Caft 3.0

Requirement 3 — Complete 3 hours

Elective courses: NOTE: Anything outside of this list must have History Teaching Program pre-approval. NOTE: Content of 485, 495R, and 496R must reflect history of traditionally underrepresented communities.

course - Intro to East Asian History 3.0

course - M E Hist to 1800 3.0

course - M E Hist from 1800 3.0

course - Jewsh Hist 70AD-Pr 3.0

course - Con & Col Lat Amer 3.0

course - Modern Latin Amer 3.0

course - Rel. in Colonial Latin America 3.0

course - Early Africa 3.0

course - Modern Africa 3.0

course - Latin Am Age of Revolution 3.0

course - Digital History 3.0

course - Jews & Holocaust 3.0

course - European Women's History 3.0

course - History of Mexico 3.0

course - S Africa Liberation 3.0

course - Pre-modern Korea 3.0

course - Modern Korea 3.0

course - African Social Change 3.0

course - Traditional China 3.0

course - China Since 1200 3.0

course - The Mongol Empire 3.0

course - Early Japan 3.0

course - Modern Japan 3.0

course - Islam in Africa 3.0

course - Chinese Cultural History 3.0

course - Modern Southeast Asia 3.0

course - History of Argentina 3.0

course - Brazil 3.0

course - Indian in Latin Am 3.0

course - Gender & History in Latin Amer 3.0

course - Slavery in Africa & Atlantic 3.0

course - Slavery in the U.S. 3.0

course - US Women's History 3.0

course - Latinos in the United States 3.0

course - Am Indian Hist to 1877 3.0

course - Am Indian Hist 1877-present 3.0

course - Topical Readings Seminar 3.0

course - Directed Research - You may take once 3.0

course - Directed Readings - You may take once 0.5v

Requirement 4 — Complete 2 Courses

NOTE: HIST 201, 202, 220, and 221 must be completed before registering for HIST 477 and HIST 478. HIST 477 and 478 must be taken concurrently.

course - Hist & Soc Sci Tchng Methods 3.0

course - Practicum in Secondary Educ 1.0

Requirement 5— Complete 1 Course

course - Sec Minor Student Teaching - You may take once 4.0

Note: FBI fingerprint and background clearance MUST be completed PRIOR to enrolling in HIST 479R.