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Church Board of Education and Board of Trustees

President Russell M. Nelson, Chairman

President Dallin H. Oaks, First Vice Chairman

President Henry B. Eyring, Second Vice Chairman

Elder D. Todd Christofferson, Board Member

Elder Ronald A. Rasband, Board Member

Elder Paul V. Johnson, Board Member

Elder Michael T. Ringwood, Board Member

Bishop Gérald Caussé, Board Member

Sister Camille N. Johnson, Board Member

Sister Emily Belle Freeman, Board Member

Brother Steven J. Lund, Board Member

R. Kelly Haws, Secretary

Office of the Commissioner of Church Education

Elder Clark G. Gilbert, Commissioner

R. Kelly Haws, Assistant to the Commissioner

Office of the President of Brigham Young University

C. Shane Reese, President

Rosemary Thackeray, Assistant to the President - Assessment and Planning

Steven M. Sandberg, Assistant to the President - General Counsel

Carri P. Jenkins, Assistant to the President - University Communications

Administrative Officers

Justin M. Collings, Academic Vice President

Brad L. Neiger, Associate Academic Vice President - Faculty Relations

Justin M. Collings, Associate Academic Vice President - Faculty Development

Larry L. Howell, Associate Academic Vice President - Research and Graduate Studies

Richard Osguthorpe, Associate Academic Vice President - Undergraduate Studies

Reid Neilson, Assistant Academic Vice President - Religious Publications

Renata Forste, International Vice President

Jeffrey F. Ringer, Associate International Vice President

Tracy Flinders, Vice President of Information Technology

Joe Taylor, Assistant Information Technology Vice President

Scott Hunt, Assistant Information Technology Vice President

Steven J. Hafen, Vice President of Administration and Finance

Alan Moose, Assistant Administrative Vice President - Finance

David Tueller, Assistant Administrative Vice President - Human Resource Services

Carr Krueger, Assistant Administrative Vice President - Auxiliary & Program CS

Ole M. Smith, Assistant Administrative Vice President - Physical Facilities

David Paul, University Treasurer

Julie L. Franklin, Student Life Vice President

Sarah Westerberg, Associate Student Life Vice President - Dean of Students

Keith P. Vorkink, Advancement Vice President

Carl Hernandez, Belonging Vice President

Christian Fox, Deputy General Counsel