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Educator Requirements

Educator Preparation Program (EPP) Admissions and Retention Requirements (for Students Who Apply for Teaching Majors or Teaching Minors After December 16, 2019)

Pre-teaching Majors

Students (undergraduates, graduates, and post-baccalaureate students) wishing to pursue a teaching major must complete the following:

  1. Declare the corresponding pre-teaching major.

  2. Register on the BYU Educator Preparation Program (EPP) management system, EDUCATOR, at

  3. Complete the requirements for application for the teaching major.

Note: To declare a teaching minor, a student must be admitted to a teaching major and meet all retention requirements for both the major and minors.

Teaching Majors: Minimum EPP Admission Standards

Students must apply to the appropriate program and meet the following standards:

  1. Utah State Board of Education (USBE)-cleared fingerprint background check.

  2. USBE-approved basic skills test in Reading, Math, and Writing (i.e., ACT, SAT, Praxis Core Test).

  3. Pass all required EPP assessments (e.g. dispositions assessment).

  4. Complete all program-specific admissions requirements (see each teaching major).

  5. Meet the cohort average GPA of 3.0.  Students with a GPA between 2.7-2.99 may be conditionally accepted with no remediation plan; students with GPA 2.0-2.69 may be conditionally accepted with a remedition plan.  Each Program must have a cohort acceptance GPA average of 3.0.

Teaching Majors: Minimum EPP Retention Standards

Students must meet the following standards:

*Note: To be recommended for student teaching, a student must have a total GPA of at least 2.7; all coursework must be completed and teaching major and teaching minor coursework grades must be a C or better.

  1. Demonstration of content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge, pedagogical skills, and integration of technology across those domains.

    1. Maintain a total GPA of no less than 2.7.

    2. Receive a "C" or better in all education-related and major required courses (including any courses taken prior to acceptance into a teaching major)*

    3. Demonstrate sufficient and timely progress in coursework and field experiences

  2. Demonstration of basic teaching capabilities.

    1. Teach to the Utah Effective Teaching Standards

    2. Teach to college- and career-ready standards (i.e., Utah Common Core Standards)

    3. Teach effectively with positive impacts on P-12 student learning and development

  3. Maintain a USBE-cleared fingerprint background check.

  4. Demonstrate professional ethics, behavior, and dispositions (e.g., BYU Honor Code, including dress and grooming standard; dispositions assessment; Utah Effective Teaching Standard #10; and Utah Board Rule 277R-515 Utah Educator Standards).

  5. Maintain all program and major-specific retention requirements.

Requirements for Graduation and Recommendation for Utah State Licensure

Students must meet the following requirements for graduation from BYU with a teaching major and for recommendation to the Utah State Board of Education for a teaching license:

  • Pass the content-specific Praxis Subjects Assessment test (formerly Praxis II test) for applicable teaching majors and minors.  Students wishing to complete and internship must have passed the Praxis Subject Assessment prior to beginning internship.

  • Meet the established EPP performance criteria for successful completion of student teaching in the major and minor teaching areas.

  • Meet the established EPP performance criteria for successful completion of capstone assignments/assessments (e.g., Performance Assessment & Evaluation System).

  • Meet the established performance criteria for successful completion of all program- and major-specific graduation requirements.

  • Maintain USBE-cleared fingerprint background clearance in effect four weeks after graduation.

  • Successful complete a Pedagogical Performance Assessment (e.g. PPAT).

  • Complete and maintain all EPP admission, retention, and graduation requirements.

  • Pay all fees for graduation and any other outstanding university charges.

  • Meet all requirements for recommendation for Utah licensure.